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Scientists focus on cancer research 467
Genetic Sequencing Used to Identify and Treat Unknown Disease 440
Drinking Alcohol During a Rich Meal Slows Down Digestion, but Doesn't Increase Indigestion, Study Finds 619
Supplements and sunlight give optimal protection from breast cancer: Study 460
New Research Substantiates the Anti-Aging Properties of DHEA 749
TOny Pantalleresco Show of the Week December 17 2010 845
Compound Derived from Curry Spice Is Neuroprotective Against Stroke and Traumatic Brain Injury 531
Phenolic compounds may regulate glucose transport: Study 485
Olive oil compound shows heart health potential: Human study 513
Protein Restores Learning, Memory in Alzheimer's Mouse Model 460
NHCR botanicals removal provides a longevity loophole? 445
Iron status may be link in degenerative diseases: Study 363
Iron status may be link in degenerative diseases: Study 441
Cheese whey may protect against IBD: Study 477
EFSA was very constructive” says oat beta glucan health claim winner 458
Leaked reports reveal US government pushing hard for GMOs in Africa 468
Help reverse last-minute decision to use highly toxic pesticide on strawberries 454
Cholera Strain Evolves New Mechanism for Causing Disease 444
Vitamin A could save one million lives per year, says review 460
Phytopharm CEO insists Hoodia still ‘interesting’ despite patent disposal 585
Study identifies novel antioxidants in human milk 554
Old News worth revisiting - Tomato juice can reduce osteoporosis 479
CIAA calls for drug-like health claim pre-submission advice 540
Researchers reveal way to optimise antioxidant levels in baked goods 459
Industry, government push GMO oranges as solution to pest problem 499
South Asian diabetes risk clues found, UK study says 499
The Glycemic Index Revisited - By Dr Mike Roussell 494
Tony Pantalleresco Radio Show On the Micro Effect 579
Low vitamin D status associated with cognitive decline: Study 449
Genetic link for folic acid supplementation: Study 494
Longevity Breakthrough: 508
UK to adopt case-by-case approach to online marketing crackdown 461
Acai extracts show brain health potential 547
Low vitamin D levels linked to increased depression risk 506
German court rejects use of negative EFSA cranberry opinions 755
Tony Pantalleresco Radio Show script of the Week November-22-2010 618
Vitamin D's genetic effect seasonal 558
Growth-Factor Gel Shows Promise as Hearing-Loss Treatment 578
Cinnamon’s anti-diabetes benefits get clinical trial boost 1089
Prebiotic apple wedges may offer alternative for gut health boost 860
Blueberries linked to improved blood vessel health: Rat study 650
Fish oil forms: Triglycerides better for omega-3 index increase 807
Researchers Train Bacteria to Convert Bio-Wastes Into Plastic 542
Vitamin D receptor agonist lowers PSA in prostate cancer patients 655
Halt Age-Related Muscle Loss 648
Researchers Unlock a Secret of Bacteria's Immune System 573
Krill oil omega-3s seen to be effective at lower levels 576
Krill oil omega-3s seen to be effective at lower levels 588
Sesame protein isolate may reduce heart disease risk 735
Roquette chews on positive EFSA gum opinions 755
ILC-UK issues functional call to arms for older people 1063
Whey protein industry to submit article 13.5 claims after EFSA rejections 1106
DHA omega-3 ‘not useful’ for Alzheimer’s patients 611
Macrophage Protein Has Major Role in Inflammation 726
Compound in Daffodils Targets Brain Cancer 718
Spice in Curry Could Prevent Liver Damage 658
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